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What is cogeneration system?

A cogeneration system is a single, integrated system in which many forms of useful energy are simultaneously generated mostly electrical and thermal using single sources of fuel. A cogeneration system is also called as combined heat and

Objectives of tariff system

There are objectives in tariff system as: Equal distribution of cost : The most important objectives of the tariff are the fairly equal distribution of the cost of energy supply to different classes of users. Charges to

Classification of energy sources

Classification of energy sources can be as given below : Types of energy source Description Example Primary energy sources These are the sources which can be directly founds in nature or stored in nature and can be

What is energy conservation

Energy conservation simply means to reduce the growth of energy consumption by avoiding unnecessary usage of energy. Conserving energy helps the planet and saves money—so why don’t more people make the effort to do it? Maybe they

What is generation of electrical energy?

Generation of electrical energy : The conversion of energy available in different forms in different form in nature into electrical energy is known as generation of electrical energy. Energy is available in various form different  natural sources
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