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Bimetallic thermometer

The bimetallic thermometers are made up of bimetallic strips formed by joining two different metals having different thermal expansion coefficients. Basically, bimetallic strip is a mechanical element which can sense temperature and transform it into a mechanical

Advantages, disadvantages and applications of rotameter

There are some advantages of rotameter which are given below. The cost of rotameter is low. It provides linear scale. It has good accuracy for low and medium flow rates. The pressure loss is nearly constant and

What are hygrometer and its types?

Hygrometer is an instrument used for measuring the value of humidity. It is also known as psychrometer. Generally, the output of hygrometer is used to indicate relative humidity. Several material exhibit changes in electrical properties that are

Construction of variable area flow meter

The variable area flow meters are the most cost effective solution for almost all applications involving the measurement of industrial process liquids, gases or steam. ABB´s variable area flow meters are reliable, flexible and simple. The rota

Advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic flow meter

There are some advantages of electromagnetic flow meter which are given below, The electromagnetic flow meter provides rapid response to flow changes. It provides linear wide range. Measuring range setting can be optimized. It has ability to