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What is an Aluminum heat sink and what factors affect its quality?

There are different metals with different properties, some metals are used for luxury purposes such as diamond and gold, others are used for building purposes such as brass, nickel, steel, copper, and many more. Every piece of

Are There Any Benefits of Using Exam Dumps for Passing Microsoft 70-410 Test?

In its exam policy, Microsoft specifies that the candidates for itstests should not use braindumps. But still, most people prefer them as their primary preparation tool for the reason that they have proven to be very helpful

What is simple mechanisms

Introduction A machine is a device which receives energy and transforms it into some useful work. A machine consists of a number of parts or bodies. The mechanisms of the various parts or bodies from which the

Theory of machine

Definition The subject Theory of Machines may be defined as that branch of Engineering-science, which deals with the study of relative motion between the various parts of a machine, and forces which act on them. The knowledge of

Magnetic hysteresis

When the coil current ‘i’ rise from zero in positive directions a B-H curve ‘oa’ is obtained. where Bm is the maximum flux density reached point ‘a ’ due to magnetic saturation. When the current decreases from

Magnetic leakage and fringing

Total Flux (∅T): If a current is passed through the N turns of the exciting coil wound on the magnetic core having an air-gap. A total flux ∅T produces inside the limb on which the coil is

Magnetic circuit

A magnetic circuit may be considered as path followed by the magnetic flux. A rectangular core of magnetic material is wounded with N turn of a coil carrying a current of I amperes. Types of magnetic material


A current carrying conductor or coil produces a magnetic flux or field. Thus electricity is always associated with magnetism. This is known as electromagnetism. The magnetic effect of electric current can be studied for the following three

Magnetic flux(∅)

A magnetic flux is defined as the total number of magnetic lines of forces passing through a given medium, so the flux lines are the imaginary lines which indicate the directions of magnetic force. S.I unit of

Superposition’s theorem

In a linear, bilateral circuit, containing more than one sources, the one sources, the resultant current (or voltage) of any branch is the algebraic sum of the currents (or voltages) that would be produced by each source,