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Advantages and disadvantages of digital multimeter

Following are the advantages of digital multimeter : They are having high input impendence, So there is no loading effect. They are having higher accuracy. An unambiguous reading is obtained. The output can be interfaced with external


The meter which measures the resistance and the continuity of the electrical circuit and their components such type of meter is known as the ohmmeter. It measures the resistance in ohms. The range of a megger may extend to more

What is ohmmeter?

The ohmmeter is a convenient direct reading device for measurement of resistance. The purpose of an ohmmeter is to measure the resistance placed between its leads. This resistance reading is indicated through a mechanical meter movement which

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic multimeter

There are some advantages of electronic multimeter which are given below, The input impedance is high. The frequency range is high. The construction is rugged. The circuit is simple. It is less suffered from electric noise. The

Capacitor testing with ohmmeter

Three capacitor defects are detectable with an ohmmeter are short, open and partial short. If the capacitor is in a ciruit, it must be separated by disconnecting one lead. The shorted capacitor has a dilectric breakdown. When

Well type monometer

The well type monometer is widely used because of having only one leg.  The main difference between a U-tube manometer and a well type manometer is that the U-tube is substituted by a large well such that

How pressure is measured with inclined monometer?

The inclined type monometer is an enlarged leg monometer with its measuring leg inclined to the vertical axis by some angle. Due to inclination, scale expands and increases the sensitivity. When P1 and P2 are applied, then

Difference between radiation pyrometer and optical pyrometer

There is difference between radiation pyrometer and optical pyrometer is given below. Radiation pyrometer Optical pyrometer Temperature is direct measured with the help of thermocouple. Temperature is measured by comparing the brightness of hot body radiation at

Advantages, disadvantages and applications of radiation pyrometer

There are some advantages of radiation pyrometer which are given below. The radiation pyrometer has high output and moderate cost. It has ability to measure high temperature. It has fast speed response. It has good stability. It

Advantages and disadvantages of bimetallic thermometer

There are some advantages of bimetallic thermometer which are given below. • The bimetallic thermometer is easily installed and maintained. • Wide temperature ranges are available. • The bimetallic thermometer has good accuracy. • The cost is