Block diagram of color tv receiver

The color tv receiver consist of five section namely Radio Frequency (RF) Tuner Video Section PAL decoder / Color Processing section Synch Section Sound Section RF TUNER It consists of VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra

Quantum Electronics

Dr. S. S. VERMA; Department of Physics, S.L.I.E.T., Longowal; Distt.- Sangrur (Punjab)-148 106 Quantum electronics is a term that was used mainly between the 1950s and 1970s to denote the area of physics dealing with the effects

Improve quality assurance of electrical insulation in the factory

The latest partial discharge measurement techniques, explored in a CWIEME Berlin seminar, improve quality assurance of electrical insulation in the factory and prevent unnecessary costly repairs or outages in the field. Subject to high mechanical forces and

How to Test Instruments in your Lab

Learn here how to use some common test instruments in your research laboratory. The common type of instruments we are using in our lab are oscilloscope, digital multimeter, frequency counter, function generator, LCR meter, and power supplies. Oscilloscope

Gasohol and Diesohol

Gasohol Diesohol Gasohol is a liquid fuel containing 90% petrol and 10% ethanol. Diesohol is liquid fuel containing 84.5% diesel oil, 15% hydrated ethanol and 0.5% emulsifier. Its octane number is 95. Its cetane number is about

Conventional vs Non-conventional energy source

Conventional energy source Non-conventional energy source These are conveniently used everywhere for many purpose. These are not convenient to use everywhere due to some problems. These may be non-renewable sources. These are renewable sources energy. Its use

Cement hydration process

Introduction Portland cement is a hydraulic cement, hence it derives its strength from chemical reactions between the cement and water. The process is known as hydration. Cement consists of the following major (see compounds composition of cement):

Constitutional compounds of portland cement

The properties of cement depend upon the relative proportion of the constitutional compounds present and each of them has different characteristics. When cement comes in contact with water, its constitutional compounds undergo hydration at different rate. Tricalcium

Properties and advantages of Biodiesel

Properties of biodiesel It is free from S and aromatic compounds. It is biodegradable and it is nontoxic. Its cetane number ranges from 45 to 63 depending on the type of vegetable oil used for preparation. Its

Role of inhibitors in petrol and diesel oil

Following are the role of inhibitors in petrol as well as diesel oil – When gasoline or diesel oil is stored for long time in storage tank, it may undergo slow oxidation causing gum formation which is