Advantages and disadvantages of RC phase shift oscillator

There are some important advantages of RC phase shift oscillators are given below, It is useful for frequencies in the audio range. Simplicity of the circuit. They have a wide range of frequency. The RC phase shift

Difference between successive approximation type DVM and linear ramp type DVM

There is a difference between successive approximation type DVM and linear ramp type DVM Successive approximation type DVM Linear ramp type DVM Unknown voltage is successfully compared with the output of digital to analog converter. Unknown voltage

Difference between amplifier and oscillators

The main differences between amplifier and oscillators Amplifier oscillators Amplifier is an electronic circuit which gives output as amplified form of input. Oscillator is an electronic circuit which gives output without application of input. The amplifier does not

Block diagram of programmable logic controller (PLC)

The block diagram of programming logic controller (PLC) is shown in above figure. The PLC has following basic sections are, Processor section (CPU) The processor section is brain of PLC which consists of RAM, ROM, logic solver

Need of programmable logic controller (PLC) in automation

PLC is  used in the fully automated industries or plants or process, the actual processes handled and controlled by the controllers which are nothing but the programming logic controllers that means PLC plays a very important role

How miller sweep circuit is work?

The miller circuit is also known as by the name of miller integrator. Above figure shows the circuit of the miller sweep circuit or miller integrator. The transistor Q1 act as a switch and transistor Q2­ is

Advantages and disadvantages of digital voltmeter over analog voltmeter

There are some advantages of digital voltmeter are given below, It can be programmed. So controlling by computer is achieved. Digital voltmeter has automatic range selection. A digital voltmeter gives good stability. It provides better resolution. For

Properties of laser light

Coherence Laser light is highly coherent. All emitted photons have constant phase relationship i.e they are in same phase. The light from a laser is said to be coherent, which means the wavelengths of the laser light are in

Features of integrated circuit 723 (IC 723) regulators

The important features of IC 723 regulators are as given below, The important features of IC 723 regulators are as given below, It has small in size and lower in cost. It operates in positive or negative

Applications of electronics

There are some applications of electronics are given below, The electronics is used in communication and entertainment applications such as telephony and telegraphy, optical communication, wireless communication, television communication etc. The electronics is used in instrumentation applications