Working of variable area flow meter

The rota meter is mostly used form of variable area flow meter which consist of vertical tapered tube with a float which is free to move up or down within the tube. Working: When there is no

Construction of variable area flow meter

The variable area flow meters are the most cost effective solution for almost all applications involving the measurement of industrial process liquids, gases or steam. ABB´s variable area flow meters are reliable, flexible and simple. The rota

What is U-tube monometer?

The u tube monometer consists of glass tube in u shape and partially filled with a liquid. Water and mercury are used because of their known specific weights for various temperatures. Also they do not stick to

Advantages and disadvantages of electromagnetic flow meter

There are some advantages of electromagnetic flow meter which are given below, The electromagnetic flow meter provides rapid response to flow changes. It provides linear wide range. Measuring range setting can be optimized. It has ability to

Difference between AC tachogenerator and DC tachogenerator

AC tachogenerator DC tachogenerator The AC tachogenerator is use to measure speed only in one direction only. The DC tachogenerator is use to measure speed in both direction. It consists of a stator and a rotor arrangement

What is electromagnetic flow meter?

  Electromagnetic flow meters are particularly suitable for the flow measurement of slurries, sludge and any electrically conducting liquids. A constructional diagram of electromagnetic flow meter is shown in above figure. It consist of a pair of

Working principle of ultrasonic level detector

This method is based upon utilization of law of reflection of ultrasonic oscillation from solid or liquid surfaces or from the interface between two immiscible liquids. The time taken by the wave for its travel from transmitter

Advantages and disadvantages of ultrasonic level measurement

There are some advantages of ultrasonic level measurement which are given below, The ultrasonic level measurement is suitable for measurement in liquid and solid. It is simple in construction and design. It does not require contact with

Advantages, disadvantages and applications of bourdon tube

There are some advantages of bourdon tube are given below, Bourdon tube is simple in construction. It is available in wide range. It has long life. It cost is low. Time tested application. Accuracy is high. There

Bourdon tube

It consists of seamless metal tubing having elliptical cross section. The tube is enclosed in a socket which contains pressure inlet. One end of the tube is sealed and the other end is open to apply the