What is the effect of temperature on semiconductor parameters?

The most commonly used semiconductor parameters are intrinsic concentration, forbidden energy gap, mobility and conductivity. The effect of temperature on these parameters is discussed below. Intrinsic concentration (ni) : The number of holes or electrons present in

Characteristics of class-B amplifier

There are some important characteristics of class-B amplifier which are given below, The operating point is located at or very near the collector cut off voltage. The collector current flows only for one half of the cycle

Testing of transformers

Following tests are carried out on the transformer to check weather it is good or bad. Winding resistance test : This test is carried out to reveal any open circuited windings. It is carried out by using

Advantages and disadvantages of hall effect transducer

There are some advantages of hall effect transducer which are given below, High speed operation over 100 KHz possible. Whereas at high frequencies the inductive or capacitive sensor output begins to distort. Non contact operation so there

Temperature effect on extrinsic semiconductors

We already know that the addition of a small amount of donor or acceptor impurity produces a large number of charge carriers in an extrinsic semiconductor. In fact, this number is so large that the conductivity of

Difference between analog storage and digital storage oscilloscope

Analog storage oscilloscope Digital storage oscilloscope The analog storage oscilloscope has higher bandwidth and writing speed. The digital storage oscilloscope has lower bandwidth and writing speed than analog storage oscilloscope. In analog storage oscilloscope, CRT is expansive

What are the properties of semiconductor?

The conductivity of a semiconductor is less than that of a conductor but more than that of an insulator. Semiconductor have negative temperature coefficient of resistance i.e. the resistance of a semiconductor decreases with the increase in

Two stage RC coupled CE amplifier

The RC coupling is the easy and most commonly used method of cascading of wideband amplifier or audio amplifier stages. The AC voltage signal developed across the collector load of each stage is coupled through the capacitor

Difference between PN junction diode and point contact diode

PN junction diode Point contact diode Its junction capacitance is low about 0.008 μF to 20 μF The barrier layer capacitance at the point is very low about 0.1 pF to 1 pF. Its operating frequency is

Features of 3-pin voltage regulators

There are some salient features of 3-pin IC voltage regulators which are given below, It has built-in all protection circuits. It does not require any feedback connections. It does not require any external component for normal operation.