Advantages and disadvantages geothermal energy

Advantages of geothermal energy The cost of the land build a geothermal power plant is usually less expensive. The plant occupies less space. No fuel is used for power, rate the power, reducing the running costs for

Octane number

Knocking tendency of petrol in a petrol engine is expressed by its octane number. The combustion characteristics of iso-octane i.e. 2, 2,4- Timothy pentane (C8H18) is very good. It has very little tendency to detonate when mixed

What is cetane number?

Knocking tendency of diesel in a diesel engine is expressed by its cetane number. The compression so it produces less knocking. Hence its cetane number is taken as 100. On the other hand, ∝-methylnaphthalene, an aromatic hydrocarbon

What is knocking?

The air-fuel mixture burns moderately and uniforms at a rate in the cylinder of internal combustion (IC) engine. The metallic or rattling sound in the cylinder of internal combustion engine due to explosive violent combustion of the

What is compression ratio?

The ratio of the volume of gas at the end of the suction stroke to the volume of gas at the end of the compression stroke is known as the compression ratio. The power output and engine

Explain knocking in diesel

In a diesel engine, if the combustion rate of air diesel mixture initiated due to compression of air becomes very slow then a large amount of fuel collected in the cylinder. This accumulated fuel burns violently and

How petrol and diesel engine works?

The petrol engine is spark engine. The working cycle has four strokes as  Intake/suction stroke: A fuel (petrol) vapours and the mixture is drawn in the cylinder of the IC engine during the suction stock. Petrol (boiling

Differentiate between cetane number and octane number

The differences between cetane number and octane number are as follows : Cetane number Octane number Cetane number of a given diesel under test is defined as the percentage by volume of cetane in mixture of cetane

What is geothermal energy?

Heat present in the earth due to molten rock (in volcanic regions) nearer to the earth surface Is used to generated electricity is known as geothermal energy. Heat is tapped from hot rocks by natural or forced

Different between solid and liquid propellants

The difference between solid and liquid propellants are as follows Solid propellants Liquid propellants Solid propellants have low specific impulse Liquid propellants have high specific impulse Storage, handling and transport are comparatively easy. storage, handling and transport
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