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What is an Aluminum heat sink and what factors affect its quality?

There are different metals with different properties, some metals are used for luxury purposes such as diamond and gold, others are used for building purposes such as brass, nickel, steel, copper, and many more. Every piece of

What is P.F tariff ?

As its names suggest, in this tariff, the power factor of the consumer load is taken into account while charging the consumer for this electricity use. Low power factor is in an indication of inefficient use of

Compare positive feedback and negative feedback

The parameter of comparison Positive feedback Negative feedback The overall phase shift 0 or 3600 1800 Feedback signal and the input signal. In phase. Out of phase. Input voltage. Increase due to feedback. Decrease due to feedback.

What is transposition

Transposition of conductors is meant that the exchanging of the position of the power conductor at regular intervals along the line so that each conductor occupies the position of every other conductor over equal distance. Transposition took

Eight major equipment in the substation

Equipment used in substation Bus bar: bus bar is a very important component of the substation because it is the common conductor for incoming and outgaining lines. Hence any fault taking place on the bus bar will

Classification of amplifiers according

Voltage amplifier: it is the amplified where only the signal voltage is amplified i.e. input and outputs are in terms of voltage only. Current amplifier: it is an amplifier where only signal currents are amplified. I.e. input

Methods of coupling

Resistance-capacitance (RC) coupling It is also known as capacitive coupling amplifier using this coupling are known as RC coupled amplifier the function RC coupling network is two-fold: To pass a signal from one to next To block

Necessity of coupling

Whenever large amplifier with very good impedance matching is required, a signal stage amplifier circuit will not able to amplify the signal to a large extent. Thus, a number of stages are required for amplification, for this

What is an indicator?

An indicator is a substance that undergoes a change when the endpoint of a titration is reached E.g.: acid indicators are used to single the end of acid-base titration. Indicators are organic weak acids or bases with

Application of astable multivibrator

The astable multivibrator is used as the wave generator. It is used as voltage-frequency converter. It is used in pulse synchronization. Since it produces square waves, it is a source of production of a harmonic frequency of