Comparison between electric drive and mechanical drive

Electric drive Mechanical drive
electric drive is dependent of electric supply, electric traction system is tried up to electrified routes only. It is self-contained unit and therefore can be suitable for any track.
In case of failure of supply the whole system will come to rest as it is dependent of electric supply. The system is self contained there is no such condition.
electric drive is more clean as there are burning of any fuel and no fumes etc. mechanical drive requires burning of therefore it may contains ash or fumes etc.
electric drive is flexible as it can be brought any where and can be control from any location. due to mechanical components this drive is not flexible.
It occupies less space as compared to other forms of drives and is , therefore very compact source of drive. due to mechanical components this drive required more space.
motor operating characteristics can easily be modified as per the requirement of the drive. It is very difficult to modify the characteristics of the mechanical drive.
maintenance cost is less due to less no. of mechanical parts. maintenance cost is more due to more no. of mechanical parts.
electric braking much superior and economical. mechanical breaking system has few disadvantages like were & tear of parts etc.


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