Explain cooling water cycle of a thermal power station

  • The condenser needs large amount of cooling water to condense the steam.
  • This cooling water is circulated from lake or river, by means of circulating water pump and is returned back to the source.
  • If sufficient quantity of water is water is not available , it should be cooled and reused again and again.
  • In such cases, water is obtained from a tube a tube-well or other source and stored in a tank.
  • It is then pumped into the condenser, where it absorbs latent heat from the exhaust steam and becomes hot and the hot water is passed to a cooling tower.
  • The cooling tower is a structure usually made up of concrete.
  • The hot water from the condenser is fed to the tower at the top and is sprayed.
  • Air flow from bottom to the top.
  • The water drops falling from the top come in contact with air, loose heat to the air and gets cooled.
Cooling water cycle

Cooling water cycle


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