Applications of the digital theodolite

  • To measure the horizontal angle and vertical angle between two points accurately up to a precision of “1”[ one second].
  • To check the alignments of roads, railways track tunnel and bridges.
  • It is used in the prolongation of alignment of road, railways etc.
  • It is used for measurements of bearing and measurements of horizontal and vertical distances and determination of the direction of true north.
  • A telescope which can rotate or transit through 360° about a transverse horizontal axis.
  • The bearings for this horizontal or trunnion axis are mounted in two vertical pillars or standards.
  • The standards are mounted on a horizontal upper plate.
  • The upper plate rotates through 360° about a vertical or alidade axis, the bearing for the alidade axis is mounted in a lower horizontal plate.
Digital theodolite

Digital theodolite

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