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What is extraction condensing steam turbine

Steam can be obtained at each stage of the multi-stage turbine. Extracted steam can be used to meet the demand of process consumer at an intermediate pressure and left over to the condenser. At condenser, steam is

What are green buildings?

Now a day’s construction industries require more and more energy sources. According to a survey of India due to constructional activities, the pollutant like carbon dioxide increase about 17% and it affect global warming. Gree building or

Advantages of green building

Gree building can have the following advantages The immediate and most tangible is in the reduction in operating energy and water costs from day one dlifecycleentire life cycle of the building. The energy savings could range from

What is LEED

The buildings constructed based on the green concepts should conform to the prescribed standards. There should be continuous assessment and monitoring from the planning and design stage up to the completion of construction, for declaring a building

Differences between natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas

The differences between natural gas  and liquefied petroleum gas as follows  Properties Natural gas Liquefied petroleum gas Types of source It is primary gaseous fuel obtained from oil fields Two types of natural gas are dry natural

Strain gauges

It is a passive transducer. This is a transducer. This transforms mechanical elongation and compression into resistance change. The elongation or compression per unit length of conducting wire is called a strain. The strain gauge is an

What is scraper

This equipment consist of a large bucket called the scraper and is attached to a tractor. It is capacity various from 3m3 to 9m3. The scraper has a cutting edge or blade at the bottom and it

What is grader

A grader is used to level the ground and spreads the loose material. It is self-propelled or towed by a tractor. It consists of 3 to 4m long angled blade supported on a framework mounted on wheels.

What is trencher?

To excavate the trenches of width from 250mm to 450mm and depth up to 4m with accuracy and speed, this types of equipment is used. It is mainly used to excavate trenches for mains, gas lines oil

What is ripper?

This is equipment which is sometimes attached to a tractor. It is mounted on the wheels and carries two to four teeth, usually number being three. The ripper is used to break up the ground and to