What is smooth starter ?

  • Smooth stating by torque control for a gradual acceleration of the drive system thus preventing jerks and extending the life of mechanical components.
  • Reductions in staring current to achieve break-away, and to hold back the current during accelerations, to prevent mechanical, electrical thermal weakening of the electrical equipment such as motors, cables transformers and switchgear.
  • Enhancement of motor starting duty by reducing the temperature rise in stator windings and supply transformer.
  • The microprocessor version of the soft starter has a software controlled response at full speed which economizes energy, whatever may be the load.
  • The power factor improvement is a self-monitoring inbuilt feature. When the motor is running at less than full load, the comparative reactive component of current drawn by the motor is unnecessarily high due to magnetizing and associated losses.
  • Hence the voltage-dependent losses are minimized with the load proportional active current component and as a result of the power factors also improve simultaneously.
Smooth  starter

Smooth starter

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