What is a variable frequency drive?

  • In some motor driven systems, the load varies with time.
  • A Large amount of energy can be saved using a variable frequency drive(VFD).
  • VFDs belongs to a group of equipment called adjustable speed drives or variable speed drives.
  • VFD changes the frequency of the supply voltages to vary the operating speed of motors.
  • Thus continuous process speed control can be achieved.
  • Motor-driven systems are often designed to handle peak loads that have a safety factor.
  • Therefore, when the system is operated for a long period at a reduced load, that have a safety factor.
  • By adjusting motor speed closer matching of motor output to load can be achieved, which results in energy savings.
  • The speed of standard inductions motor can be controlled by variations of the frequency of the voltage applied to the motor.
Variable frequency drive

Variable frequency drive

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