Gas turbine cogeneration system

  • Works on the principal of bray ton cycle of thermodynamics.
  • Capacity ranges between 500KW to 25MW.
  • In bray ton cycle, atmospheric air is compressed and mixed with fuel in a combustion chamber where the combustion occurs.
  • Expansion of high-temperature flue gases from the combustion chamber takes place at gas turbine which drives electrical generators as well as an air compressor.

Types of gas turbine cogeneration system are:

  1. Open cycle gas turbine cogeneration system.
  2. Closed cycle gas turbine cogeneration system.

Gas turbine cogeneration systems were installed in various industries, including chemical, petroleum refining, pulp and paper, and metals. Typically, the size of the cogeneration system considered, and thus the gas turbine size was governed by the internal heat and power demands of the specific plant. More recently, worldwide concern with regard to the cost and efficient use of energy is providing continuing opportunities for gas turbine cogeneration systems.

In some locations, legislation is being enacted to encourage the development of cogeneration for the benefit of the public. This legislation can increase the number of alternative methods in which a cogeneration system can be developed. This paper will briefly review cogeneration principles applicable to the development of gas turbine energy supply systems.

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