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Block diagram of op-amp IC 741

Input Stage The input stage is a Dual input balanced output differential amplifier. The two amplifiers are applied at inverting or non inverting terminals. This stage provides most of voltage gain of the op-amp and decides input

Laser light and ordinary light difference

Laser light Ordinary light It is highly coherent. It is incoherent in nature. There coherence length as of the order of few km (Kilometer). There coherence length as of the order of few mm (Millimeter). It is

Working of optical fiber

An optical fiber consists of a very thin transparent fiber designed to guide light wave along this length. It works on the principle of total internal reflection. When light enters one end of the fiber it undergoes

Difference between Polarized light and Unpolarized light

Polarized light Unpolarized light The oscillation is confined to only one plane. The oscillation occur in many plane It is absolutely coherent in nature. It is incoherent in nature. Its intensity depends on the nature of Polaroid