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Public electricity supplier (PES)

As well as setting network tariffs, the Commission sets tariffs for the public electricity supplier (PES) on an annual basis. Regulation 31 of S.I. 445 of 2001 requires that the Commission set regulated supply tariffs for customers

What is tariff structure?

The electric rate is the price you pay per unit of electricity to your energy utility or retailer. The electricity tariff (or rate) structure is the combination of rates, additional charges, and other rules that determine how

What are tariff and term involved?

Tariff In simplest terms, a tariff is a tax. It adds to the cost of imported goods and is one of several trade policies that a country can enact. A tariff is a tax on imports or exports. Money

Transmission of electricity

Necessity of transmission of electricity : Energy plays a very important role in day to day life for overall development of country. There are different forms of energy out of that the dependence of electrical of energy