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What is a ferrite core inductor?

It is the fixed value inductors which have a ferrite core placed inside the coil are known as a ferrite core inductor. The air core inductors and iron core inductors have a low inductance value, limited frequency

Construction of air core inductor

The basic construction of air core inductor it consist of coils having number of turns of wire wound on a former made of ordinary cardboard. The plastic or ceramics may be used for a former as an

What is an iron core inductor?

The iron core inductors have a very low value of inductance. In the iron core inductor, by using iron core the inductance value of an inductor can be increased. The iron core inductor is the fixed value

Colour code table for Inductor (in µH)

Following are the colour code table of an inductor Colour Inductance Digit Multiplier Tolerance First digit Second digit Brown 1 1 10 – Red 2 2 100 – Orange 3 3 1000 – Yellow 4 4 10000