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Construction and working of RVDT (Rotary variable differential transformer)

The RVDT stand for rotary variable differential transformer is used to sense the angular displacement. It is similar to LVDT except that its core is in cam shaped and moves between the windings by means of shaft.

Working of LVDT (linear variable differential transformer)

As per the position of core, the secondary coils S1 and S2 both are produce emf which is phase. The lower end of both secondary coils S1 and S2 are joined together to get a differential output.

How pressure is measured using LVDT?

There are various methods used for pressure measurement in a process plant are, Resistive transducer. Capacitive transducer. Bellows. Diaphragm. Inductive transducer. Photo electric transducer. Piezoelectric transducer. Capsules. Bourdon tube. The pressure measurement using bourdon tube and LVDT

Advantages, disadvantages and applications of linear variable differential transformer (LVDT)

Advantages: There are some advantages of linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) which are given below, The LVDT has low power consumption. It has higher sensitive. It has ruggedness. It has wide range. It has low hysteresis. Disadvantages: