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Application of field effect transistor (FET)

There are some application of field effect transistor (FET) are given below, Field effects transistors (FETs) are used in mixer circuits to control low inter modulation distortions. FETs are used in low frequency amplifiers due to its


What is a semiconductor? The semiconductors are the type of material which electrical property lies between conductor and insulator. Semiconductors act like insulator at very low temperature, as the temperature increases conduction of semiconductor increases. Semiconductors in

Comparison between analog multimeters and digital multimeters

Analog multimeters Digital multimeters The analog multimeters provide measurement in analog form. The digital multimeters provide measurement in digital form. Power supply is not required in analog multimeters. Power supply is required in digital multimeters. The output

Photodiode is operated in reverse bias

Why photodiode is operated in reverse bias? n the absence of light, the dark current flowing through the diode is of the order of few mA. In the presence of light, the photocurrent flowing through the photodiode


Resistor is an electrical component, which has been manufactured with a specified amount of a resistance. A passive component which offers opposition to the flow of current is called as resistor. Why resistors are called passive device

Configuration of BJT circuit

In BJT configuration it requires two ports network namely input port and output port. The input port are require 2 input terminal and the output port require 2 output terminal therefore it requires 4 terminals due to

Difference between drift current and diffusion current

Drift current Diffusion current Under the action of electric field the charge carriers in the semiconductor material stops moving randomly and start drifting towards or away the applied electric field depends upon their nature. This drift of