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Different types of motors

Series motor It develops very high starting torque and it has adjustable firing speed. It is suitable for any value of load which needs high starting torque. This motor is widely used in : Electric trains Cranes

Concept of back emf for dc motor

The concept of back emf for dc motor Consider a case of the single conductor being placed in the magnetic field and carrying current in the same direction due to motor action. This conductors experiences force and

Comparison of Induction motor and DC motors

Parameter DC motors Induction motors Supply DC AC Maintenance Frequent Less frequent Speed Low High Size and weight Large Small Speed control Rheostatic control, field control Stator voltage control, stator frequency control. Applications Lathe machine,drilling and milling

Construction of 3-phase induction motor

Construction : Conversion of electrical power into mechanical power takes place in the rotating part of an electric motor. In A.C. motors, rotor receives electric power by induction in exactly the same way as the secondary of

Parts of induction motor

A table showing the different parts of motor, the material used for the parts and function of the parts : Parts Material Function Stator frame Case iron Supports the core,protects inner-parts. Stator core Silicon steel Houses stator


The capacitor is an electrical component used to store charge. A capacitor consists of two conducting plates separated by a dielectric. Capacitor has a properly to block d.c current and pass a.c. current. A passive component which

Double Cage Induction Motor

In case of 3Ø squirrel cage motor has low starting torque. This is due to the low Rotor Resistance. Then, the starting torque with increase but at the same time their will be more copper loss and

Difference between Synchronous Motor and Induction Motor

Synchronous Motor Induction Motor Synchronous motor construction is complicated. Induction motor construction is simpler, particularly in case of cage rotor. This is Not self starting. This is self Starting Separate DC source is required for rotor excitation.