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What is a filter?

A filter circuit may be defined as an electrical circuit which is minimized the undesirable AC component from the rectifier output and allows the DC component to reach the load. The filter is used to minimize the

Application of capacitor

The capacitor used for storage of energy. It is used in filter circuits to minimize the ripple voltage. Capacitors are used to run the motor. Bypass the high frequency signals. Used in tank circuits in electronic oscillators.


What is an Inductor? A passive component which has the ability to store the magnetic field is called “inductor”. Inductor has property to pass D.C and oppose A.C. Inductor is nothing more than a coil of a

Direct Current (DC) System

Motor used in Direct Current System – Dc Series Motor Dc Compound Motor (as regenerative braking is difficult for Dc series motor) Dc series motor has high starting torque and easy speed control. Size of Dc series