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Amorphous transformers

The amorphous transformer is conventional transformer use the core of silicon steel laminations with an almost uniform crystalline structure i.e. CRGO. Amorphous transformers employ the core of amorphous steel which has lower hysteresis losses. Amorphous alloy: Metal

What is the difference between power transformers and distribution transformers?

Power Transformers Distribution Transformers Power transformer transfers electrical energy in any parts of electrical circuit between generator and primary distribution circuit. Distribution transformer is a transformer for transferring electrical energy from a primary distribution circuit to a

Transformation of transformer technology

In the present era of civilization, thinking to live without electricity has almost become un-imaginable for most of the population all over the world as we make use of electricity in most of our daily living applications.

Testing of transformers

Following tests are carried out on the transformer to check weather it is good or bad. Winding resistance test : This test is carried out to reveal any open circuited windings. It is carried out by using