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Difference between N-type semiconductors and P-type semiconductor

Following are the difference between N-type semiconductors and P-type semiconductor. N-type semiconductor P-type semiconductor It is type extrinsic semiconductor. It also type of extrinsic semiconductor. In N-type semiconductor, electrons are majority carriers and holes are minority carriers.

Conduction of current through P type semiconductor

When we connect a battery across a P type semiconductor let us see that what happens. The free electrons and holes experience the force towards the battery terminals. The free electrons will tend to move towards the

What are the semiconductor materials?

The example of semiconductor materials are germanium (Ge), silicon (Si), carbon (C), selenium (Se), gallium arsenide (GaAs), cadmium sulphide (CdS) etc. A large number of semiconductor materials are known, but the most frequently used in applications are

What are the properties of semiconductor?

The conductivity of a semiconductor is less than that of a conductor but more than that of an insulator. Semiconductor have negative temperature coefficient of resistance i.e. the resistance of a semiconductor decreases with the increase in

Construction of silicon controller rectifier (SCR)

The basic construction of silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) is shown in above fig. It is made up of silicon and its operation as a rectifier can be controlled, hence the name given as silicon controlled rectifier. The

Construction of N-channel junction field effect transistor (JFET)

The construction of junction field effect transistor (JFET) is shown in above figure. The junction field effect transistor (JFET) in which the electrons as majority charge carriers due to this only current conduction takes place is known

Difference between intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor

Intrinsic semiconductor Extrinsic semiconductor The intrinsic semiconductor is extremely pure semiconductor. The extrinsic semiconductor is impure semiconductor. Electrical conductivity of intrinsic semiconductors is poor. The electrical conductivity of extrinsic semiconductor is large. The number of electron and


What is a semiconductor? The semiconductors are the type of material which electrical property lies between conductor and insulator. Semiconductors act like insulator at very low temperature, as the temperature increases conduction of semiconductor increases. Semiconductors in

Advantage of semiconductor diode over vaccum tubes

Advantage of semiconductor diode over vaccum tubes The semiconductor diode has very small interelectrode capacitances. This is very important in high frequency application. The semiconductor diode does not produce any current in the absence of applied voltage.

Difference between Monolithic ICs and Hybrid ICs (integrated circuits)

Following are the difference between monolithic ic and hybrid ic. Monolithic ICs Hybrid ICs Monolithic integrated circuits which are  fabricated entirely on a  single chips. Hybrid integrated circuits are  fabricated by inter-  connecting a number of  individual chips. A