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Types of re-lamping

There are two types of re-lamping: Groups re-lamping Sport re-lamping Group re-lamping Group re-lamping is a preventive approach. In this lamps are replaced to ensure a light level when lamps in the area reach 80% of their

Optical transducer

The optical transducer  convert light into electrical quantity. They are also called as photoelectric transducers. The optical transducer can be classified as photo emissive, photoconductive and photovoltaic transducers. The photo emissive devices operate on the principle that

Constructional detail and working of LASCR (Light Activated Silicon Controlled Rectifier)

Constructional detail : The basic construction of  LASCR (light activated silicon controlled rectifier) is shown in above fig. LASCR is a semiconductor opto electronic switch which has a lens that focuses light on its gate. It is

Difference between IrDA and Bluetooth

Following are the difference between IrDA and bluetooth IrDA Bluetooth Infrared light as communication media. Radio frequency of 2.4 GHz is used as communication. It has max data rates is 4Mb per second. It has max data

Construction of photoconductive cells

It is based on the principle that the resistance of certain semiconductors materials decreases when they are exposed to radiations. In others words such material have high dark resistance and low irradiated resistance. The photoconductive cell is

Properties of laser light

Coherence Laser light is highly coherent. All emitted photons have constant phase relationship i.e they are in same phase. The light from a laser is said to be coherent, which means the wavelengths of the laser light are in

Difference between mesh storage CRT and phosphor storage CRT

Following are main difference between mesh storage CRT(Cathode ray tube) and phosphor storage CRT(Cathode ray tube) Mesh storage CRT Phosphor storage CRT The Mesh storage is appropriate for intensity modulation and variable persistence operation. The phosphor storage

What is fiber optic communication ?

The fiber optic technology has been developed mostly for use in communication. fiber-optic communication is transmitting information from one place to another by sending pulses of light through an optical fiber. a technology that uses glass or threads to transmit data. a

Applications of infra-red light emitting diode (IR LED)

The important applications of infra-red light emitting diode (IR LED) are as given below, The IR LED is used as a light source in optical systems. The IR LED is used in burglar alarm systems. It is

Application of light dependent resistor (LDR)

The Light Dependent Resistor (LDR) used for automatic contrast and brightness control in television receivers. The LDR is used in the infrared astronomy. The LDR is used in optical coding. Used in light activated control circuits. Used