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What is ohm’s law ?

This law is devised by dr.ohm in 1827 it is fundamental law in electricity. It relates to the potential difference (V), current (I), resistance(R), of the dc circuit. it is applicable to the part of the circuit

Factors of the cogeneration system

Following various factors of the cogeneration system as: Electrical load matching : In the base electrical load matching, size of cogeneration plant is chosen to fulfill minimum demand curve. The remaining power need is satisfied by purchasing

What is a filter?

A filter circuit may be defined as an electrical circuit which is minimized the undesirable AC component from the rectifier output and allows the DC component to reach the load. The filter is used to minimize the


A transformer is a magnetic component or an electric component which transforms electrical a.c. power from one circuit to another circuit without changing the frequency. It works on principle of mutual inductance. Transformers are capable to of

Comparison between analog voltmeter and digital voltmeter

Analog voltmeter Digital voltmeter In analog voltmeter the output signal representation is done by using potentiometric deflection. In digital voltmeter the output signal is represented in the digital form. The different type are: Average reading True rms

Improve quality assurance of electrical insulation in the factory

The latest partial discharge measurement techniques, explored in a CWIEME Berlin seminar, improve quality assurance of electrical insulation in the factory and prevent unnecessary costly repairs or outages in the field. Subject to high mechanical forces and