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Advantages and disadvantages of wind power plant

Advantages of wind power plant The wind is free and with modern technology, it can be captured efficiency. Once the wind turbine is built the energy it produced its problems, does not cause greenhouse gases or other

What is wind power plant

Wind power plant the wind energy is one of the most effective renewable power and relevant technologies for its conversion in form. a wind energy conversion system is a structure that transforms the kinetic energy of the

Types of tariffs and trade barriers

Types of tariffs There are various types of tariffs followed: Flat demand tariff Simple tariff Flat rate tariff Block rate tariff Two part tariff Fixed charge Variable charge Three part tariff Fixed charge Semi fixed charge Variable

What is the flat rate tariff?

When different types of consumers are charged at different uniform per unit rates, it is said to be flat rate tariff. In this type, the consumers are grouped into different classes. Each class is charged at the

History of Cogeneration

Introduction At the beginning of the twentieth century, steam was the main source of mechanical power. However, as electricity became more controllable, many small “powerhouses” that produced steam realized they could also produce and use electricity, and

What is reactive power?

Reactive power is a quantity that is normally only defined for alternating current (AC) electrical systems. This power goes up and down around some “average” value – this average value is called the “real” power and over

Electrical equipment of thermal power plant

Electrical equipment used in thermal power plant  : Alternators Transformers Switchgear Exciter Alternators Each alternators is coupled to a steam turbine & converts mechanical energy of the turbine into electrical energy. The electrical output from the alternator

Turbo alternator

Turbo alternator The alternator which coupled directly to the steam turbines are called turbo-alternator . The turbine converts heat energy in the steam into mechanical work and the alternator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy . The

Advantages and disadvantages of thermal power plant

Advantages of thermal power plant are: Thermal power station has less initial cost as compared to hydro-electric generating station. It requires less space as compared to the hydro-electric power station. The fuel cost is less as compared

Factors of thermal power station

There are factors of thermal power station: Availability of coal The hung amount of coal is required for generation of electrical energy. Thermal power station should be located near the coal mines so that transportation cost of