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Difference between N-channel JFET and P-channel JFET

Following are the N-channel JFET(junction field effect transistor) and P-channel JFET . N-channel JFET P-channel JFET The current conduction takes place due to electrons. The current conduction takes place due to holes. Mobility of electrons large. Mobility of electrons

Application of photodiode

The photodiode is used in optical communication system. The photodiode is used in automotive devices. The photodiode is used in medical devices. It is used in solar cell panels. The Photodiode are used in consumer electronics devices


What is a Photodiode? The photodiode is a two terminal PN junction device which is operated in reverse bias. It has a small transparent window which allows light to strike the PN junction. The photodiode is a

Photodiode is operated in reverse bias

Why photodiode is operated in reverse bias? n the absence of light, the dark current flowing through the diode is of the order of few mA. In the presence of light, the photocurrent flowing through the photodiode

Difference between LED and photodiode

LED photodiode It has a light emitting diode. It has a light detecting device. The LED converts electrical energy into light energy. The photodiode converts light energy into electrical energy. Due to the recombination of electrons and