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Difference between LED and PN junction diode

LED PN junction diode The LED emits light. The PN junction diode cannot emit light. The LED uses GaAs, GaAsP or GaP material. The PN junction diode silicon or germanium material. In LED all energy converted into

Difference between LCD and LED

LCD LED The LCD stands for Liquid crystal display. The LED stands for light emitting diodes. The liquid crystal display (LCD) can be extremely slim. The light emitting diodes (LED) cannot be extremely slim. It has more

How infra red light emitting diode (IR LED) works?

The infra red light emitting diode (IR LED) is a gallium arsenide PN junction diode which emits a beam of radiant flux when forward biased. The infra red LED is also known as IR transmitter. It is

Applications of infra-red light emitting diode (IR LED)

The important applications of infra-red light emitting diode (IR LED) are as given below, The IR LED is used as a light source in optical systems. The IR LED is used in burglar alarm systems. It is

Application of LED

Some of the important applications of LED  are given below: It is used in optical switching application. It is used in burglar alarm system. It is used for indicating power ON/OFF conditions, power level indicators or stereo

Advantage & disadvantage of LED

The advantages of LED are some of given below: It has long life compared to lamps. It has low voltage operation, making them compatible with integrated circuits. LED are ideal for operation under cold and low outdoor

Light emitting diode(LED)

The LED stands for a light emitting diode is an optical semiconductor device which emits lights when voltage is applied and it convert the electrical energy into light energy. Just like a p-n junction that can absorb

Difference between LED and photodiode

LED photodiode It has a light emitting diode. It has a light detecting device. The LED converts electrical energy into light energy. The photodiode converts light energy into electrical energy. Due to the recombination of electrons and

LED International Standards

Standards to ensure a clean mains supply Courtesy: RECOM Asia Pte. Ltd. LEDs as electronic components weren’t originally designed for lighting, but that hasn’t stopped them from conquering the market with “electronic light” – and providing a new

Energy Issues in India

OLIVE Exports addresses Energy Issues in India offering Best LED Lighting Products Recent technology advances in solid state lighting (SSL) or LED (light emitting diode) lighting make it possible for us to reduce the energy used for