Yarn count conversion formula

The count of a yarn is a numerical expression which defines its fineness. It is also called as yarn number or liner density. It is also called as yarn diameter.
The fineness of yarn cannot be expressed easily inter-mesh of diameter as in case of wires or rods. The instrument such as micrometer cannot be used to determine the diameter of yarn. Therefore special methods are used to determine the fineness or coarseness of yarn.

Following are the formula for count conversion



English count

French count

Metric count

Worsted count



1. English cotton count( Ne) 1 Nex0.84 Nex1.69 Nex1.5 5315/Ne 590.5/NE
2. French cotton count(Nf) Nf x1.18 1 Nf x 2 Nf x 1.77 4500/Nf 500/Nf
3. Metric cotton count (Nm) Nm x 0.59 Nm x 0.5 1 Nm x 0.88 9000/Nm 1000/Nm
4. Worsted (W) W x 0.6667 W x 0.5645 W x 1.129 1 7972/w 885.8/w
5. Denier(D) 5315/D 4500/D 9000/D 7972/D 1 D/9
6. Tex (T) 590.5/T 500/T 1000/T 885.8/T T X 9 1

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