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Yagi – antenna

The yagi antenna or yagi-Uda antenna is a high frequency antenna which is used to receive TV signals in very high (VHF) frequency range. It is commonly used in communication when a frequency is above 10MHZ. The

Wind tree as energy generator

By Dr. S. S. VERMA; Department of Physics, S.L.I.E.T., Longowal; Distt.-Sangrur (Punjab)-148 106 Growing need and desire of present life style for energy has resulted in the depletion of natural resources as well as environmental degradation.  When

Synchro-phasor Technology to improve power system

By Satish Mohanram, Technical Marketing Manager, NI India Power system disturbances can be the result of various system events, transmission congestions, and fluctuations in renewable energy sources. In order to make the Grid smarter a better understanding of