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Field effect transistor (FET)

What is mean by FET? FET stands for Field Effect Transistor. The FET is a three terminal unipolar solid state device in which the current is by an electric field as in vacuum tubes. Vacuum tubes are

Types of bipolar junction transistor

There are two types of Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT) are given below; NPN bipolar junction transistor. PNP bipolar junction transistor. NPN Bipolar Junction Transistor In NPN transistor the current is conducted by the electrons as majority charge

Specification of transistor

There are many specification of transistor,some of below: Collector-base voltage (VCB) is the maximum voltage that can be applied across the base and collector of a transistor. Collector-emitter voltage (VCEO) is the maximum that can be applied

What is BJT (Bipolar junction transistor)?

BJT (Bipolar junction transistor) is also called as transistor. Its amplify the weak signal. Basically the bipolar junction transistor is a semiconductor device it constructed with three doped semiconductor regions i.e. base, emitter and collector. The current