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Difference between SCR and DIAC

The difference of SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) and DIAC (diode alternating current) are given below, SCR DIAC The SCR stands for silicon controlled rectifier. The DIAC stands for diode alternating current. The SCR is a four layers

Triggering modes of TRIAC (Triode for alternating current)

The following are the triggering modes of TRIAC (Triode for alternating current). I + mode : The ‘I’ indicates first quadrant operation. The MT2 (main terminal 2) positive with respect to MT1 (main terminal 1). The ‘+’

Construction of TRIAC ( triode for alternating current)

The TRIAC stands for triode for alternating current. It is another thyristor family device which is used extensively for the control of power in A.C. circuits. The TRIAC is bidirectional device and when in operation, it is