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Advantages and disadvantages of RC coupled amplifier

There are some advantages of RC coupled amplifier which are given below, It used the resistor and the capacitor which are not expensive so the cost is low. The circuit is very compact and extremely light. The

Advantages and disadvantages of negative feedback amplifier

There are some advantages of negative feedback amplifier which are given below, The negative feedback reduces noise. It has highly stabilized gain. It can control step response of amplifier. It has less harmonic distortion. It has less amplitude distortion.

Block diagram of digital frequency meter (DFM)

The basic block diagram of basic digital frequency meter (DFM) is shown in above figure. The signal whose frequency we have to be measured is first to be amplified through amplifier. The output of amplifier is applied

Difference between amplifier and oscillators

The main differences between amplifier and oscillators Amplifier oscillators Amplifier is an electronic circuit which gives output as amplified form of input. Oscillator is an electronic circuit which gives output without application of input. The amplifier does not

What is a tuned amplifier?

When an amplifier uses a tuned circuit or resonant circuit as its load impedance is known as tuned amplifier. A parallel tuned circuit has at its resonant frequency, high impedance and falls off sharply on either side

Application of MOSFET (metal oxide semiconductor FET)

There are some important applications of metal oxide semiconductor FET (MOSFET) are as given below: MOSFET is used for switching and amplifying electronics signals in the electronic devices. It is used as an inverter. It can be