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Difference between FDMA and TDMA

Following are the difference between FDMA (frequency division multiple access) and TDMA (time division multiple access) : FDMA TDMA FDMA stand for frequency division multiple access. TDMA stand for time division multiple access. The FDMA (frequency division multiple access)

Construction of carbon composition resistors

The carbon composition resistor is a type of fixed resistor that reduces or restricts the electric current flow to a certain level. The basic construction of carbon composition resistor is shown in above figure. The resistive material

Application of Thermistor

Some of the important applications of thermistors are given below, Thermistor is used in the control devices actuated by temperature. It is used in automatic temperatures controllers. It is widely used in temperature measurement. In electronics circuits

Difference between Voltage amplifier and Power Amplifier

Voltage Amplifier Power Amplifier In voltage amplifier the amplitude of input A.C signal is small. In power amplifier the amplitude of input A.C signal is large. In voltage amplifier the collector current is low, about 1 mA.

RADAR System

RADAR is stands for Radio Detection And Ranging. RADAR system operates in microwave frequencies range. In RADAR system high frequency and high power sinusoidal signals is transmitted. If there is any target then the reflected signals is

Power Electronics In Automotive Applications

Over the last few decades, electrical loads in an automotive system have evolved from lighting and battery charging towards infotainment, sensors and safety, thanks to component miniaturization. This has made the car smarter and more fun to
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