Types of steel reinforcement

Based on physical and mechanical properties, the following three types reinforcement is mainly used in reinforced concrete construction.

Steel Reinforcent

Steel Reinforcement

Mild steel

Mild steel is used structure and non-structure steel in the form of various sections like I-section, channel, angle, and flat and also in the form of round bars as reinforcement in concrete. It is designated as Fe 250 due to the yield strength of 250N\mm2.


Their bars are usually of steel which does not possess a well-defined yield point. These bars have low ductility low and bendability. Torsteel is extensively used as reinforcement in R.C.C. work. It is available in two grades Fe 415 and Fe 500 and variety of diameter reining from 8mm to 40mm.

High tensile steel

Wires of high tensile strength are used in priestess concrete. The diameter of wires is 1.5mm to 8mm with their ultimate stress ranging from 1500N\mm2 to 2350N.mm2 tendons are grouped in the form of cables containing 7 to 8 wires.

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