Difference between IrDA and Bluetooth

Following are the difference between IrDA and bluetooth

IrDA Bluetooth
Infrared light as communication media. Radio frequency of 2.4 GHz is used as communication.
It has max data rates is 4Mb per second. It has max data rates is 1Mb per second.
Infrared only works between two devices at a time. Bluetooth can work with as many as mobile device.
The open loop control system is more sensitive to noise. The close loop control system is less sensitive to noise.
Its communication range is up to at least 1m. IIts communication range up to 100m.
IrDA has strong security. Bluetooth has less security.
It has point to point connection with narrow angle of 30 degree. It has multipoint connection with Omni-directional.
IrDA is useful in LAN (Local Area Network) technology. Bluetooth is useful in personal area network .
Communication is blocked by obstacles that block light as infrared light is used in line of sight. Communication is not blocked by obstacles that block light as radio waves are used.
It has poor accuracy. It has better accuracy.


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