Advantage and Disadvantage of ICs (integrated circuits)

Advantages of IC

integrated circuits

integrated circuits

  1. The entire physical size of IC is extremely small than that of discrete circuit.
  2. The weight of an IC is very less as compared entire discrete circuits.
  3. It’s more reliable.
  4. Because of their smaller size it has lower power consumption.
  5. It can easily replace but it can hardly repair, in case of failure.
  6. Because of an absence of parasitic and capacitance effect it has increased operating speed.
  7. Temperature differences between components of a circuit are small.
  8. It has suitable for small signal operation.
  9. The reduction in power consumption is achieved due to extremely small size of IC.

Dis-advantages of IC

  1. Coils or indicators cannot be fabricated.
  2. It can be handle only limited amount of power.
  3. High grade P-N-P assembly is not possible.
  4. It is difficult to be achieved low temperature coefficient.
  5. The power dissipation is limited to 10 watts.
  6. Low noise and high voltage operation are not easily obtained.
  7. Inductors and transformers are needed connecting to exterior to the semiconductor chip as it is not possible to fabricate inductor and transformers on the semiconductor chip surface.
  8. Inductors cannot be fabricated directly.
  9. Low noise and high voltage operation are not easily obtained.

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