Advantages and applications of polyphase rectifiers

There are some advantages of polyphase rectifiers which are given below,

  • It has a  large amount of power, usually greater than 2 kW.
  • Its efficiency is greater than as compared to single phase rectifier.
  • The ripple factor is reduced in case of polyphase rectifier.
  • It facilitates higher PIV (peak inverse voltage).
  • The polyphase rectifier provides highest TUF (transformer utilization factor).

There are some applications of polyphase rectifiers which are given below,

  • The polyphase rectifier is used in radio transmitters.
  • It is used in electro chemical processing such as production of AI and mg.
  • It is used in telephone exchange.
  • It is used in electronic heaters.
  • It is used in electric traction.

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