Advantages and disadvantages of electrical transducer

There are some advantages of electrical transducer which are given below.

  • Electrical signals can be easily attenuated or amplified and can be brought up to a level suitable for various device, with the help of static device FGK.
  • The power requirement of transducer is very small. The electrical system can be controlled with a small level of power.
  • The electrical output of the transducer can be easily used, transmitted and processed for the purpose of measurement.
  • The reduce effects of friction and other mechanical non-linearities.
  • Due to the integrated circuit technology, the electrical and electronic systems are compact, having less weight and portable.
  • The data transmission through mechanical means is eliminated. Thus no mechanical wear and tear and no possibility of mechanical failures exist.
  • The reduce effects of mass inertia problems.

There are some disadvantages of electrical transducer which are given below.

  • The electrical transducer has costly.
  • While designing the circuit the effects of ageing and drifts of parameters of active components must be considered. This makes the design complicated.
Electrical Transducer

Electrical Transducer

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