Advantages and disadvantages of microprocessor

There are some advantages of microprocessor are given below,

  • Microprocessor is that these are general purpose electronic processing devices which can be programmed to execute a number of tasks.
  • Microprocessor is its speed, which is measured in hertz. For instance, a microprocessor with 3 GHz, shortly GHz is capable of performing 3 billion tasks per second.
  • Microprocessor is that it can quickly move data between the various memory locations.

There are some disadvantages of microprocessor are given below,

  • The microprocessor has a limitation on the size of data.
  • Most of the microprocessor does not support floating point operations.
  • The main disadvantage is it’s over heating physically.
  • It should not contact with the other external devices.
  • The microprocessor is does not have any internal peripheral like ROM, RAM and other I/O devices.

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