Advantages and disadvantages of tidal energy

Advantages of tidal energy

  • It is pollution free.
  • It greenhouse rate greenhouse gases or solid wastes.
  • It is inexhaustible and independent of rain.
  • Tides are more predictable than wind.
  • It a does not require a large area of valuable land as is located on sea shore or tidal basin.

Disadvantages of tidal energy

  • For practical use, the difference in sea level between high and low tide should be at least 4 meters.
  • The salinity of seawater has a corrosive effect on the machinery installed.
  • The capital cost of the plant is high and construction in sea or estuaries are difficult.
  • Power transmission cost is high and use of tidal energy on small scale is not feasible.
  • Tidal power plant hampers other uses of fishing, aquaculture and navigation.

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