Advantages and disadvantages of TRIAC

There are some advantages of TRIAC which are given below,

  • The TRIAC need single fuse for protection.
  • It can be triggered with positive or negative polarities of gate pulses.
  • A safe breakdown in either direction is possible but for SCR protection should be given with parallel diode.
  • It needs only a single heat sink of slightly larger size where as for SCR two heat sinks should be required of smaller size.
  • When the voltage is reduced to zero the TRIAC turns OFF.

There are some disadvantages of TRIAC which are given below,

  • It can be triggered in any direction so we need to be careful about triggering circuit.
  • As compared to SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) it has low ratings.
  • The TRIACs are not much reliable as compared to SCR.
  • This is not suitable for DC applications.
  • The dv/dt rating is  very low as compared to SCR.
  • It has a very high switching delay.



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