Application of field effect transistor (FET)

There are some application of field effect transistor (FET) are given below,

  • Field effects transistors (FETs) are used in mixer circuits to control low inter modulation distortions.
  • FETs are used in low frequency amplifiers due to its small coupling capacitors.
  • It is a voltage controlled device due to this it is used in operational amplifier as voltage variable resistors.
  • It is commonly used as input amplifiers in devices i.e. voltmeters, oscilloscopes, and other measuring devices, due to their high input Impedance.
  • It is also used in radio frequency amplifiers for FM devices.
  • It is used for mixer operation of FM and TV receiver.
  • It is used in large scale integration (LSI) and computer memories because of its small size.
Field Effect Transistor

Field Effect Transistor

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