Application of PN junction diode

The PN junction diode has the following important applications are given below,

  • PN junction diode is used as a voltage doubler, tripler, quadrupler in voltage multiplier circuits.
  • It is used as a rectifier in DC power supply.
  • In forward biased condition the PN junction diode produced light when biased with a current, so it is used in all LED lighting.
  • In computers it is used as switch in logic circuits.
  • In clipping and clapping circuits it is used for wave shaping.
  • The PN junction diode used as signal diode in communication circuits.
  • In demodulation circuits the PN junction diode used as a detector.
  • Used as zener diodes in voltage stabilizing circuits.
  • The PN junction diode used as varactor diodes for use in voltage controlled tuning circuits as may be found in radio and TV receivers.
PN junction diode

PN junction diode


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