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Losses in steam turbines

What are the steam turbines losses? Frictional loss in nozzle Sudden expansion loss Frictional loss in bearing Frictional loss in moving blade Steam level with same K.E. called as carry over losses Frictional loss in fixed blade

Classification of machine design

There are mainly three classification of machine design which as under: Adoptive Design Development Design New Design Adoptive Design In this design the work on existing product with adopt of existing design. These types of design need

Advantages and disadvantages of cold lime soda process

Cold lime soda process, when hard water is treated with calculated amount of lime [Ca(OH)2] and soda ash (Na2CO3) at room temperature 25ºC, the soluble Ca and Mg salt present in hard water are chemically converted into

What is LED light?

LED lights are the latest technology in energy efficient lighting. LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’, a semiconductor device that converts electricity into light. LED lights are super energy efficient, using approximately 85% less energy than halogen

Uttar Pradesh Polytechnic Colleges List

Agra Balwant Rural Engineering Institute, Bichpuri, Agra, Uttar Pradesh C.V.S College of Polytechnic, Agra Dev Institute of Technical Education, Agra Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Polytechnic Prembagh, Gwaliar Road, Agra Gaytri College of Engineering and Technology, Agra Government Leather

Tubelight circuit connection with diagram

A choke is connected in one end of the tube light and a starter is in series with the circuit. When supply is provided ,the starter will interrupt the supply cycle of AC. Due to the sudden

Andhra Pradesh Polytechnic Colleges List

For your career in polytechnic from Andhra Pradesh, we have list most of all polytechnic colleges in Andhra Pradesh. These colleges are providing several courses for polytechnic as well as engineering students. Andhra Pradesh is one of

Short note on EQUILIBRIUM – Its condition and principles

EQUILIBRIUM Definition A balanced state of a body under the action of given forces, is known as equilibrium. In this state the net effect of all the forces is nil. A body in equilibrium has no resultant

Fundamental concepts and principle of Applied Mechanics

The science which studies effect of forces on the bodies at rest or in motion is known as Mechanics. There is various knowledge of mechanics required in various field of different subjects like – Strength of materials

Most Popular Computer Programmers In History

The world of programming has come a long way and given rise to the most innovative and advanced programs, some of which were beyond anyone’s imagination. But before we got to this, there were men and women