Block diagram of remote control system

Functions of each block of remote control system

Block diagram of remote control system

Block diagram of remote control system

Remote control centre equipment consists

  1. Control panel with mimic diagram and control desk.
  2. Remote control switching equipments.
  3. FMVFT (Frequency modulated voice frequency telegraph.
  4. Power supply for control room.
  • Mimic diagram: Refer Q. (ix)
  • Control desk for TPC:
    This table is located centrally with respect to the whole of mimic diagram of the remote control centre and is provided with various telecommunication facilities such as loud speaking, telephone from TP circuit, traction loco control circuit and emergency control circuit and interconnection to section centre and deputy controller with ringing facilities control dc is also provided with two alarm cancellation keys or to acknowledge and cancel any alarm telesignal arrive at the control centre and second for acknowledging alarm of low voltage condition of the latterly of the control centre for which lazar is provided on the desk. In addition, two red lamps are provided to the attention of TPC for alcove condition
  • Remote control switching Equipment:
    It consist of following main units of plug in type

    1. Pulse generator
    2. Send selector
    3. Receive selector
    4. Check circuit, send and receive
    5. Indication circuit

    The main purpose of alcove equipments is to generate and send coded information for execution of any common at the controlled station and also to receive coded information from the controlled station to the remote control centre.

  • FMVFT:This equipment provides 18 two way frequency modular voice frequency telegraph signals for operation over for wire circuit. The send unit for each channel consists an oscillator modulator, an amplifier and send filter on the output side of send filter, individual channel are grouped together and connected to trans amplifier then to carrel lines through 150:1120 tapping transform out of 4 wires, 2 are utilized for tele commands and for telesignals. Due to this reasons same frequency employed in the taro circuits. This also encloses simultaneous transmission of the command impulses of control room to various controlled stations over the hair of wires and receiving the indication imp vises the controlled posts to the control room over the receive pair of wires.
  • Power Supply:24 V dc supply is obtained from a battery provided with suitable battery charger. This supply is requiring switching equipment, FMVFT equipment and all visual and audible alarm indications of the remote control centre.
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