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Explain the frequency stability of an oscillator

Manos table multivibrator has one stable state and one quasi-state. It is also known as one-shot multivibrator or univibrator. It remains in its stable state an input pulse triggers it into its quasi-stable state for a time

Differentiate between single-walled carbon nano-tube and multi-walled carbon nano-tube

The difference between the single-walled carbon nanotube and multi-walled carbon nano-tube are as follows- Single-walled carbon nano-tube Multi-walled carbon nano-tube SWNT is made up by rolling a graphene sheet into a seamless cylinder. MWNT is made up

Comparison of A.C distribution with D.C distribution

A.C distribution D.C. distribution 3 phase A.C distribution system requires 4 wires. D.C distribution system requires only one wire with the ground as a return path. The voltage at the far end is a less i.e. voltage

Frequency stability of an oscillator

The frequency stability of an oscillator can be defined as a measure of its ability to maintain a constant frequency over a long time interval. However, it has been observed if an oscillator is set at some

What is positive feedback

Positive feedback: If the feedback single (i.e. voltage or current) is applied in such a way that is in phase with the input and thus increase it, then it is called as positive feedback. Sometimes, it is

Block diagram of instrumentation system

It is branch of engineering which deals with various types of instrument to record, monitor, indicate and control various physical parameters such as pressure, temperature, etc. The block diagram shown above is of basic instrumentation system. It

Types of communication channels

There are two types of communication channels Point to point channel broadcast channel 1. Point to point channel Wire links, microwave links and optical fibers wire line operated by guided EM waves and they are used for

Basic block diagram of communication system

Following is the basic block diagram of communication system Information source The various massage is the form of words, group of word, code, symbol, sound signal etc. However, out of these message is selected & conveyed or

Difference between Ordinary light and Laser light

Following are the major difference between Ordinary lights and Laser lights Laser light Ordinary light Laser lights are highly coherent Ordinary lights are incoherent in nature.. There coherence length as of the order of few km (Kilometer).

Construction of 3-phase induction motor

Construction : Conversion of electrical power into mechanical power takes place in the rotating part of an electric motor. In A.C. motors, rotor receives electric power by induction in exactly the same way as the secondary of