Classification of bricks

Types of bricks

  1. Traditional bricks
  2. Modular bricks

Traditional bricks

  • Traditional bricks are those which have not been standardized in the side. The dimension of traditional bricks varies from place to place.
  • Their length varies from 20 to 25 cm width varies from 10to13 cm thickness varies from 5cm to 7.5 cm.

Modular bricks

  • Modular bricks conform to the size laid down by the Bureau of Indian standard institution. India. The nominal size of the modular bricks is 20 cm× 10cm × 10 cm while the actual size of bricks is 19 cm × 9 cm × 9 cm. Nominal size includes the mortar thickness.
  • The masonry with modular bricks workout to be cheaper.

Classes of bricks

Quantity wise, masonry bricks are classified into three classes.

  • First class bricks,
  • Second class bricks
  • Third class bricks.

First class bricks

First class bricks are those which strictly conform to the standard size of modular bricks, i.e. 19 cm ×9cm×9cm. Good bricks are manufactured from, good quantity plastic earth which is free saline deposits. They have good uniforms color, they are well burnt, and the hard ringing sound is emitted when two bricks are struck tougher. They are free from cracks, chips flaws, and modules of lime. When immersed in water for one hour, they do not absorb water more than one-sixth of their weight.

Second class bricks

Second class bricks also conform to the standard size but they are slight, irregular in shape and color. they are also fully brunt and a ringing sound is emitted when two bricks are stick together. When immersed in water for one hour, they do not absorb water more than one-fourth of their weight.

Third class bricks

These are the one which is quite irregular in their size, shape, and finishes. They are not burnt fully, due to which they are reddish- yellow color. These bricks have low crushing strength. They are not used for quality brick-masonry.



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