Classification of integrated circuits by function

Classification of integrated circuits

Classification of integrated circuits

Classification of ICs by Function  The earlier classification of ICs  was based on their method of construction.  However, the integrated circuits can also be classified according to their general function. The two most important  categories are:

  1. Linear Integrated circuit
  2. Digital Integrated circuit

Examples of linear ICs are:

  1. BEL CA-3020-used as multipurpose wide-band power amplifier.
  2. BEL CA-3065-it is a monolithic ICs which combines a multistage IF amplifier, limiter an FM detector ,an electronic attenuator, a Zener diode regulator power supply and an audio amplifier.In fact, this IC providesa high performance multistage sub-system of a TV receiver. It is availablein  14-pin dual-in –line package.   Both are manufactured by Bharat Electronic Ltd., Bangalore.
  3. SSD 710-is a linear IC used as Differential Comparator. It is manufactured by Solid State  Devices, Syed Abdullah Road, Mumbai. An example of a digital ICs is  BEL 7400-is  A TTL  IC gate which provides designer with one of the getting  logic necessary to design medium-speed digital control and data processing system. It is available in 14-pin dual-in-line plastic package.

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