Comparison between analog wattmeter and digital wattmeter

Analog Wattmeter Digital Wattmeter
Due to moving parts there are losses and friction at bearings. As there are no moving parts,mechanical losses are reduced.
Accuracy is less compared to digital wattmeters. Accuracy is high as compared to analog wattmeters.
Error may take place at the time of reading the scale due to its non-linearity. Digital display facilitates to read the power in fraction and in correct fashion.
It does not required any auxiliary supply. It required auxiliary d.c. supply work.
More reliable as no complications in design and avoidance of electric components. Reliability is less as compared to analog to work.
No effect of supply transients on performance of meter. Any supply transients may damage the wattmeters.
More stable to vibration and temperature variations. Considerable effect of vibration and temperature on performance of electric components.


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