Configuration of BJT circuit

  1. In BJT configuration it requires two ports network namely input port and output port.
  2. The input port are require 2 input terminal and the output port require 2 output terminal therefore it requires 4 terminals due to it is called as 2-port, 4-terminal network.
  3. There is a common terminal for an input port and output port. Then there will be only 3 terminals instead of 4 terminals in this 2-port due to this is called a 2-port, 3 terminal network it shown fig below.
  4. The Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) has only three terminal namely an emitter, base and collector.
  5. When a transistor is to be connected in circuit like a 2-port, 4 terminals, it is not possible because it has only three terminals e.g. emitter, base and collector.
  6. This difficulty is overcome by treating one of the three terminals as a common terminal to input port and output port.

BJT circuit

The types of BJT configuration:

There are three types namely;

  1. Common base (CB) configuration.
  2. Common emitter (CE) configuration .
  3. Common collector (CC) configuration.



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